By default, Magento 2 offers a large number of features and tools that enable merchants to create high-performing stores that can do both – bring in sales and grow in the competitive marketplace, efficiently. Additionally, there is an endless selection of third-party extensions for adding functionality and flexibility that eCommerce businesses need to enhance and […]

Splash Page Vs. Landing Page: The Difference and Features

In this digital era, more and more businesses are choosing digital over traditional practices to sell and market their products. While there is nothing wrong with old-school marketing, the benefits of being online (where your customers are) cannot be overlooked. The availability of powerful eCommerce development platforms, the ease of reaching diverse groups of audiences, […]


If you are a marketer, you understand the importance of brand awareness, not just when you are starting out but also when your business is growing. Now, take a quick look at three crucial statistics; There are over 25 million brand accounts on Instagram with 80% of users following at least one. Over 60% of […]

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Every ecommerce business has different goals which tend to evolve or change gradually with time. However, there are some goals that always remain consistent for all ecommerce retailers and that is ensuring a seamless, personalised and enjoyable shopping experience for customers which ultimately leads to fulfillment of other goals such as customer retention, brand loyalty […]

Boost Your Business Sales

Top Magento 2 Features that Will Boost Your Business Sales

So, what’s new? – In every release, Magento presents online merchants, developers and service providers with a new suite of features and improved functionalities to create a more balanced, user-friendly ecommerce environment and take the scalability and ecommerce performance to the next level. While Magento is already jam packed with a comprehensive array of functionalities, […]

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Magento Spam Wars: How to Avoid Sending Spam Mails to Customers From Your Magento Store

Website owners spend copious amount of time in practices and strategies that are focused on enhancing customer experience. There are several areas that can be worked on to eventually contribute to a seamless experience on your website – the web design, display of product/services, content, checkout funnel, customer support etc. But there’s this one aspect […]

Is Voice-Activated Assistant the Next Big Trend in the eCommerce Industry?

  How many of you think we’re in the middle of “voice search revolution”? Probably everyone! Be it Cortana for Windows, Siri for iPhone or Alexa for Amazon, more and more people are switching to voice search when it comes to surfing the web. With the emergence of voice-assistants, people around the world have discovered […]

Level up your e-commerce store: Humanise your brand and the Customer Experience

Over the last few years, there has been a massive change in the e-commerce industry as customers demonstrate a preference toward marketing ads or messages with a personal touch. However, the majority of e-commerce retailers neglect the importance of creating a personalised experience. It’s a proven fact that a message with a bit of personal […]

How Does a High-Converting eCommerce Product Page Look Like?

If there’s one ecommerce brand that is winning customers’ hearts like a boss, it has to be Amazon. Or could we call it “The Amazon”. Okay, this might sound like an overstatement, but we just can’t ignore how easy, convenient, fast and smooth online shopping has become for customers worldwide with the existence of Amazon. […]


Tips to Turn First-Time Visitors into Returning Customers

All the people to visit your website would be once regarded as a “first-time visitor”. Your website browsing experience will influence whether a first-time visitor would land again or their first time will become the last time they are visiting your website. When a web user visits a website for the first time, they are […]