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Everything You Need to Know About a Magento Website Cost: A Complete Pricing Guideline

Magento has become a sobriquet for ecommerce. Magento based websites magnetise more possibilities to enhance online business. No wonder, Magento remains the undisputed king of the ecommerce arena and nothing else affirms its supremacy more than the fact that Magento and ecommerce are used interchangeably by many.

Technically, Magento has everything to offer that an ecommerce site demands to display an easy and simple checkout, smooth navigation, an infinite catalogue of variable products, quick page loading and the likes.

From inventory management to user dashboards to a customised CMS to an advanced shipping to a leading-edge product bundling, your website becomes a complete package when developed on Magento platform.

Why only Magento?


Being an open source, SEO friendly ecommerce platform, Magento allows users to run multiple websites on the common backend system while controlling all of them through a single unified admin panel.

Alongside, Magento is inherently quick in loading web pages, processing queries and retrieving data from large databases providing an exceptionally effortless user experience.

Magento’s extensible API allows for third party apps integration and customisation of your ecommerce store according to the products and services you offer.

With widespread worldwide users, Magento has exploded in acceptance in the ecommerce industry. And this popularity is indisputable because of its rich features and extensive customisation options.

Often, the prime concern lies in customer’s budget for the whole Magento website development. Magento looks simple on the surface but you must dig deeper to explore advanced tools. These advanced tools offer everything you would wish to have incorporated in an ecommerce store.

While we love to talk about Magento’s rich features and fantastic Magento website design, sometimes the most ostensible thought arises in mind is what’s the probable cost to build a Magento website? Thus, to assist you better here are some highlights on Magento website cost and service.

Time to address the perennial question- How much does a Magento Website Cost?

Magento website design

As Magento is a very powerful feature rich ecommerce platform, there are numerous factors that decide the pricing strategies for building a Magento website. When your requirements go beyond the Magento enterprise edition or Magento community edition functionality, your budget tend to rise undeniably.

Another prime factor that affects pricing strategy is your business size. Depending on your business size you can choose from different versions of Magento such as basic Community edition or an Enterprise edition.

Many clients buy Magento themes for their websites, which indicates an additional investment apart from the development cost of website a company estimates. There are numerous online vendors that sell modern and innovative Magento themes.

It is to be noted that a Magento development company encompasses the cost of workforce, manpower of Designer, Developer, Quality Analyst, Project Manager and overhead expenses of important machinery, electricity and maintenance cost.

Here is the probable cost for the three Magento services.

  1. Basic Magento website price.

If you’re someone who’s interested to build a generic Magento website, then you must go for the basic Magento. Small and medium businesses prefer the basic Magento as it helps them get up and running quickly.

This option suits companies starting from scratch and may be moving from a hosted platform. The price assortment for basic Magento website is $8,000 to $10,000. Since it’s a basic edition with primary functionality only, your webstore will be limited to the following services.

  • Basic Magento functionality including page management, addition of products and configuring the payment method.
  • Basic Design or theme
  • Access to Magento community
  • No integration with back office Systems
  • A smooth CMS
  1. Custom Magento Website Cost

If you are looking to upgrade or migrate from some other ecommerce platform, then require a Magento custom website. The cost for this Customised Magento Website ranges from $10,000 to $30,000. Here users can enjoy extra benefits such as

  • Integration with Back Office Systems
  • Custom Magento Design
  • Customer groups
  • Migrations to host
  • Custom features required to be created for products
  • Extensions, Etc.
  1. Magento Enterprise Edition Website Cost

Magento Enterprise Edition is meant for fast growing large businesses as it delivers the most scalable and high performing digital commerce solutions. It takes care of your businesses complex commerce operations and increasing consumer base.

From deployment to dashboard and content to shipping, user can personalise every screen as per varying commerce requirements. Moving to the cost of Magento enterprise edition it will cost you around $50,000+. With this edition by your side, you can sit back and relax while Magento takes care of ecommerce sales. This version has all the bells and whistles that your business will ever need. Some of the additional advantages include,

  • Multiple stores
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Built in Modules
  • Large amount of SKU’s
  • Search engine Optimisation
  • Full Page caching
  • Free Professional Customer support
  • Targeted Promotions and Merchandising
  • Social Media Integration
  • Integration with shipping providers
  • Custom coupons
  • Training and much more
  • Customer segmentation

Other essential elements that can affect the pricing

It’s crucial to know some of the significant elements that can turn your budget topsy-turvy for employing Magento. Here are a few such elements that could throw a twist into your digital plans:

  • Magento version
  • Development cost
  • Extensions
  • Magento theme and
  • Support
  • Server cost

Magento Development Hourly Rates

The hourly rates for Magento development depends upon the experience level of the Magento specialist. However, on an average, a premium Magento developer can cost between $65 to $150 per hour.

Maintenance of Magento Website

Simply setting up your website on Magento is not the end of the game. It requires effective maintenance for security patches, design, updates and much more. The cost of Magento website further varies as per business enhancements and requirements, which is calculated as Hourly price ($) * numbers of hours invested.

Professional Advice

If you are serious about improving the sales and marketing funnel, buying process and running improvement testing, then you should hire a Magento development company to ensure complete flexibility to build your site the way you want it.

Cost to build Magento store – Some unforeseen facts at Glance

  • You might have come across many cut rate Magento development companies that promise to develop a magneto store usually cheap, but this would certainly compromise the quality and durability of the website for sure.
  • And as it is said that you get what you pay for.
  • You may think of developing a Magento store by hiring a freelance Magento developer, but again freelance Magento specialist are a dime a dozen. Getting your Magento store done from freelancer will not ensure ROI.
  • You need to define your budget beforehand. As Magento store cost varies depending upon the differing editions and what you are looking for.

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