Choosing the Best Magento Developer for Your Ecommerce Project

Magento has over 240,000 ecommerce clients swearing by it. Top brands like Fox connect, Nike, Gucci, Olympus, Skype, Samsung, Nestle and Lenovo have been using this platform with ease and convenience since it was introduced. Among a million of the most famous online stores, the majority ecommerce stores are developed on Magento. Thanks to Magento’s expandable features.

Comprehensive framework of Magento has proved to be perfect for diverse business requirements. That’s why Magento always tops the list when it comes to creating a new store or migrating to a latest version.


If you want to create a feature rich and scalable Magento ecommerce website – you need to make sure that you work with Magento certified solution specialists. In order to choose the most suitable Magento specialist for your project, you need to consider some important points.

We advise you to choose your Magento developer wisely, referring to the below mentioned recommendations. You can also ask some questions from developers that will help you to make a well-informed choice.

Questions to ask your Magento partner during the selection process

It is crucial to do your due diligence when choosing a Magento specialist to work with. Remember to clarify every doubt beforehand by asking questions from the shortlisted magneto developers. It may appear right to base your selection solely on the investment and pricing section of a proposal, but you should consider other key factors as well. Here are some often overlooked questions to ask a Magento specialist during the selection process.

  • What is a timeline for Magento Enterprise website design and development?Magento-partner
  • Do you provide any ongoing support and after support services?
  • Do you have Magento certified developers?
  • What user training do you provide at the end of project?
  • Do you provide on-site meetings, if required?
  • How many industries have you catered so far, and have you worked on any complex integrations?
  • What situations may take a project off budget or timeline?
  • What sort of quality assurance and testing do your team perform before and after launch?
  • Do you offshore any work or your entire team is in-house?

Asking such questions can protect you from losing money each day due to delayed launches and overdue milestones. Unforeseen obstacles could be one of the main reasons behind stalled projects. These obstacles can be uncovered at the time of proposal preparation by asking questions of your chosen developer. Your active and smart participation in choosing Magento developer can fetch you high performing Magento enterprise website.

Finding and selecting the Magento web development company that is right for you can be a challenging and often time-consuming process. Choosing the right Magento web developer can determine the level of success you aim to attain with your online marketing business. Here are some recommendations that can prove valuable to you, if followed wisely.

Magento web development company vs Freelancers

When you look around, you will find many web development companies and freelancer agencies who are willing to work for you. Freelancers will ensure quality Magento development services at a very affordable price.

However, it is strongly recommended to hire web development company that offers its own Magento web development service. Nothing can beat the professionalism and quality of certified Magento developers.

By hiring web development company, you can get a group of experts to ensure the successful completion of your online store. You can possibly receive a lower rate from freelancers, but you cannot be sure of their work quality.

Web development companies are reliable in the sense that they have certified Magento developers who ensure high-level of certainty when it comes to quality and expert support.

Look for your Developer’s Magento Portfolio

Once you have shortlisted a handful of Magento developers you are going to work with, immediately checkout their portfolio. Some companies refer it as “Work”, some name it as “Featured Websites” while others may call it “Our Clients”. The point here is, a well-established Magento developer will be proud to showcase the stuff they’ve done and make it easy for you to find.


You can easily find the companies on Google and pursue their Magento portfolio. Make certain that you find examples of the same work that you would want for your own company.

Evaluate your Developer’s website

You probably don’t want to work with a company whose website appears like it was built in late 90’s. Although those were remarkable times in eCommerce industry, you would want to work with a company that has modern perspective. By evaluating your developer’s website, you can get an idea about how your site will look like.

Domestic vs. International

Communication is vital if you want to simplify the development process. If the client and the contractor have little or no understanding of each other, there may be some difficulties right from the beginning of execution. However, if you hire a company that has served overseas clients, can certainly meet all your needs. You should not afraid to hire a professional international company. They equip rich expertise and professionalism of keeping clients up to date on the progress of their project and provide support.

Quality VS. Cost

Everyone has set certain budget for its ecommerce project or website. Going beyond your specified budget is not rational, for obvious reasons. But, this doesn’t mean that you compromise the quality for price. It is advisable to prefer quality over costs and you should never compromise quality by sacrificing the functionality.

You should hire the best Magento developer after complete evaluation and comparison, to make certain that you get exceptional service for the best price. You should look carefully what each web development company is proposing in their quote. Ensure that all the features and functionality that you want in your ecommerce website is included in that proposal.

Establishment of a written agreement

A written agreement is must if you are hiring a professional web development company. Written agreement works as a proof that you agree on cooperation with your Magento partner. Ensure that all critical issues are described clearly in the contract. This will allow you to interact with the company and resolve contentious issues (if arise) in the agreement framework. Double check each item of the agreement before it will be signed to avoid discrepancies.

The Bottom-line

Whoever you end up choosing, be confident that your chosen Magento developer has the requisite skill set to meet the needs of your online store. It is best to hire a team of Magento developers, who can implement desired business solutions for your project. By following a few tips that we have put together, you can make your eCommerce website really sing and get your product on the internet map.

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