A Good Magento Web Design Means Less Webrooming. Find Out How!

As the name suggests, webrooming is the online version of showrooming. In other words, when the customers check out your online store, but instead of buying products from you, visit a brick-and-mortar store later and make the purchase there, they webroom. Every time they visit your store for research purposes, it may impact your total sales. And given the fact that as many as 88% of the customers engage in webrooming, we are talking of a huge impact here. So, you need to take some preventive measures to ensure that the customers don’t just look at your products, but also buy them there and then.

Getting a Magento web design for your ecommerce store is one of the most effective measures in this regard. That’s because Magento has some really great features that can help your customers in making instant decisions.

shopping cart abandonment

In a way, it reduces the chances of shopping cart abandonment.

To simplify it further, there can be an increase in your conversion rate (visitors turning into customers) and you may not lose as much business to webrooming as you might have otherwise. A good Magento web designer can take full advantage of the platform’s features and help you in reducing the bounce rate as well.

But before you hire a designer, you must understand why the customers may leave your site in the first place and visit an offline store for shopping. Only then you can decide if Magento addresses the concerns, if any.

Insufficient Information

A lot of ecommerce stores make a common mistake – they describe their products well, but do not include enough pictures, completely ignoring the obvious – a picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, you need to avoid making the same mistake. But, can a Magento website design help? It can. The platform allows the designer to add multiple images per product, for your customers to see. And thanks to Magento’s zoom-in capability, they can now also take a closer look at the products.


What other piece of information the customers may look for?

How about others’ opinion of your products? If they are at a brick-and-mortar store, they can talk to others around, but online, they look for reviews. However, in case they need to visit a third-party site for product reviews, they may not do so. Fortunately, a Magento website developer can make the product reviews visible on your site itself. These reviews can help the customers in making informed decisions there and then.

Lack of International Support

Many times, the customers visit a website but then make the purchase at a local store if the former is based out of a foreign country. They do so because the content on the site is not in their own language and is difficult for them to comprehend. And if the online store doesn’t support their currency or tax rate, it’s even worse. Magento is the perfect solution to this problem because it is a global platform. So, you can always ask your designer to internationalise your online store. Meaning, you can have multi-lingual content, accept payment in multiple currencies and come across as a local store, which the customers are looking for.

Tedious Checkout

The customers can simply walk into a store, make the purchase, and walk out. They do not have to create an account to be able to buy the products there.


However, when online, they are often asked to register for an account.

Furthermore, they have to fill out too much information before they can actually place their order. Can a Magento website designer help you make the checkout process a breeze for your customers, so that they do not webroom? Yes. The platform supports guest checkout. Therefore, the customers do not necessarily have to create an account, if they do not want to. And the designer can also ensure that your e-store has a one-page checkout process. Given below are some more features that may work in your favour and bring you at par with a brick-and-mortar store: 

  • SSL security support
    • The customers can’t see you. So they are often concerned about the safety of their credit card details when they shop online. However, Magento ensures that they feel safe.
  • Shipping to more than one address
    • Your customers no longer have to place multiple orders if they want the products to be shipped to different addresses. That’s because, with a Magento web design, it is possible to get the products shipped to multiple destinations in one go


Most of the offline stores are based on the principle of self-service. And over time, the customers have become habitual of it. They like it when they are given complete control over the shopping process. However, when online, they feel that they are dependent on you. For instance, if they wish to track their order, they need to call you so that they can know the exact status. Similarly, if they forget the password, they may have to follow a lengthy process before they get to recover it. But what can a Magento web developer do to change the scenario? Firstly, he/she can make it possible for the customers to track their orders online, right from the account. Secondly, the developer can also enable the customers to retrieve a forgotten password with ease. For this, the developer may take advantage of the fact that Magento allows the users to send a password recovery email from the front-end admin panel itself.


All said and done, if you invest in an e-store, it is obvious that you want to sell products and make profit. But if the customers keep on webrooming, you may not be able to sell as many products as you would want to. However, a Magento website design can save you from the ill-effects of webrooming. And guess what – Magento is an open source platform. So, you only need to pay for development; there is no licensing fee involved. What are you waiting for? Hire a web developer today!

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