Magento Web Development – How to make a website that’s awesome and why you should start today

Retailers in traditional stores, all over the world, are facing tough and ever-growing competition with online businesses. And this problem only rises to a new high during the traditional holiday shopping season. Also, online retailers have an additional advantage because they don’t have to pay high overheads. Online sales are only likely to grow around the world due to soaring number of smart phones in use.

Building a successful e-commerce shop takes time and planning. To run their own e-commerce sites, businesses will need several important services and software like a Web hosting service, shopping cart software and credit card processor.

Now, choosing e-commerce software is a difficult task, as the market is flooded with the options. One such option is Magento web development.

  • It is an open source ecommerce web application, meaning thereby, it brings down the cost of setting up an online store.
  • Magento is the most flexible e-commerce platform to help your business. Its interface allows you, as a business owner, to customise your website according to your specific business needs.
  • It provides you with increased control over your online business.

Why should you choose a Magento Website?

Let’s first see what Magento offers to business owners, which will help in decision making of choosing an e-commerce platform.

Management of Website is a breeze with Magento Platform

With the help of Magento’s user interface, one can manage multiple stores from one administration panel along with the ability to control sharing of information according to your requirements. It supports localisation, multiple currencies and languages. The best part is that it offers fully customisable design using multiple templates. Additional benefits are easy integration between Magento and third party applications, one click upgrades, Google website optimiser integration for multivariate testing and flexible tax rate management.

Manage your orders with ease

As a business owner, one would want to manage their orders effectively so that they can provide better customer service. Magento’s admin panel lets you do that and more. Don’t forget to ask your Magento web developer how you can create and view your orders as well as print invoices and packing slips from one place. You have the option of getting email notifications of orders. Customers’ preferences and choices, from their order history, can be viewed easily and this data can be used to improve business services. This helps in better business visibility and time management.

M Commerce Support 

M Commerce Support
As mentioned earlier, number of people using smartphones is increasing every day.

People are getting used to the convenience offered by smartphones in their busy lives. Magento automatically detects the request and show the mobile optimised version of your website customised for the mobile customers. M commerce support is a must nowadays if one wants to grow business as it opens one more channel to customers. Staying abreast with the ever changing customer needs only helps businesses.

Browsing provides better customer service

In online business, you have to give much better reasons to customers to visit your site than your competitor is offering. You have a very little time to attract your visitor. And to impress him/her enough to visit again requires a very pleasant experience from their side. For that, your site should be as customer friendly as it can be. Magento’s features such as layered navigation and product comparison with reviews and ratings help you achieve just that.  An experienced Magento website developer can also help you provide better product information to customers with multiple images of products and zoom-in capability. Plus, you can increase your order value when related products for up-sell or cross-sell are visible to customers.

Management of Catalogue

Also, you can offer your customers personalised products, which might prove beneficial in boosting your sales among specific customer group. It offers easy to follow inventory management system. Magento’s intuitive administration panel helps in batch updates to products and batch import and export of catalogue. One can edit or delete product tags and reviews.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation
Since there are thousands of businesses trying to survive in the cut-throat online competition, each business owner must make a dedicated effort to make his or hers stand out more than the rest for all the good reasons. If a business does not implement some type of plan that can increase site visits and customer base it will have very less chances to grow.

Search engine optimisation services bring people to your business website. The potential to make sales increases each time a visitor visits. It is up to the business owner to work with a SEO company to find the best solution to engage the potential clients once they visit the site.

Magento is equipped with search engine friendly URL structure and other SEO tools which enable your business to become more visible than your competitors.

Marketing and Promotions

To increase the sales of your business, you need to have a good marketing and promotion tool. Magento offers flexible pricing rule, with the help of which, you can create multiple promotions. You have the flexibility of customer group specific pricing and group specific tier pricing. You can have multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts as well.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis
Because you are in a business, you would want to know how your business is performing at the end of the day and how you can improve it to take it to the new heights.

Magento is integrated with Google Analytics and Website Optimiser. It comes with reporting suite which helps in getting sales report, tax report, low stock report, total sales invoiced, total sales refunded and other reports like coupon usage report. Analysing these reports can help you take proper steps in your business to increase sale as well as customer satisfaction.

Now, let’s see how a Magento web developer can help you attract more customers

Customers’ local preferences are met

Once you are online, your business is available to whole wide world and you have to cater to a very large population. Magento specialists can help you by producing multiple versions of your website according to the customers’ requirements. When customers find a website in their own preferred language or a site where they can make transactions with their own currency, it increases their chances to stay longer and for a possible purchase in future.

Hassle free checkout

Magento web development helps your customers in an easy checkout. They can register themselves or checkout as a guest according to their need. Your customers have the ability to get their orders shipped to various addresses and they can see their orders complete with taxes, customs and shipping estimates whichever is applicable. Having this convenience helps customers in gaining a delightful experience.

Shipping deals

Everybody looks for free shipping or a way they can save on shipping. A Magento website helps the customers by offering them various options easily. You can provide them with the details of flat rate shipping per order or per item and table rates of weight and destination. This information, when rightfully prepared and provided, helps customers in making their decisions and can prove to be beneficial for you.

Increased customer satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction
When you provide your customers with the facilities like order tracking, saving their wish list and status updates, it gives them more reasons to use your website for their shopping. And in the end, this is what matters to a business owner. Increased customer satisfaction leads to more sales and this in turn helps your business to grow.

Now, after careful considerations of all the features Magento has to offer, the decision should be an easy one. Magento is definitely one of the best ecommerce platforms available today as it is a very robust system even at its most basic version. Now look out for Magento developers in Sydney and give your business a major boost it needs in today’s environment.

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