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The Benefits of Magento eCommerce Platform when Developing an Online Store

Magento is an open source platform that provides you with a fully functional online shopping cart solution that can help you develop a robust eCommerce website. Developed in Zend Framework, Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platform worldwide.

Magento offers a broad range of advantages that has helped it become one of the most widely used eCommerce platform and the reason for its immense popularity. No wonder, why top online merchants use the platform to write their own success stories.

Considering the platform’s growing popularity and unparalleled efficiency, we bring you some of the key reasons why more than 200,000 merchants worldwide use Magento to power their online stores.

1.1 Magento’s Architecture

Many experts use the term “over-architected” to describe Magento’s architecture. No matter how big or small a website, Magento’s architecture allows it to meet the website’s specific needs.

The robustness and scalability of the platform and the framework it is developed in, allow Magento developers to customise the platform to suit every merchant’s needs while leveraging the best out of technology.

What’s more, the common problems developers face with other platforms, just doesn’t show up on Magento.

1.2 Magento Community Edition is free

Being an open source platform, Magento Community edition is available free of cost for all e-commerce merchants and developers. Although Magento Enterprise edition is very expensive, most Small & Medium Business will only need the free community edition.

The best thing about the community edition is that developers can modify and enhance the core code by installing application extensions in order to customise the platform to suit any customer needs.

Given the large community of Magento specialists who have been contributing to develop the Magento code and optimise it, ecommerce world is revolutionising at a fast pace.

1.3 A Plethora of Inbuilt Features

Magento comes with an extensive range of inbuilt features that help merchants sell physical and intangible products of several types including physical products, configurable products, downloadable products and digital products.

From managing inventory, checkout and customer accounts to facilitating layered navigation, product browsing and SEO, the platform offers features that ease different ecommerce operations while delivering great user experiences and full customer satisfaction.

1.4 Magento Web Design – Versatile & Flexible

The biggest advantage that Magento Website Design offers is flexibility and the adaptability. You can have any type of website design created within the Magento framework. Most website designers will create a custom design for their customers to approve. Once the design is approved, Magento web designers will choose a theme that is closest to the approved design and customise the theme to match the design. This allows for a quick development timeframe as most of the themes also include features like upsell, cross sell and one-page checkout.

1.5 Extension for almost everything

When we say that there is an extension for almost anything you want to do in Magento, we are not kidding. Magento developers can successfully launch a new project within 4-6 weeks because of the wide variety of extensions that are available for Magento Web Development. There is a multitude of free and paid extensions you can choose from.

Some of the most commonly used extensions include Australia Post Shipping, One Page Check out, Advanced Loyalty Features, advanced photo gallery and payment gateway integration.

1.6 Advanced searche engine features

Magento platform was built with Search Engine Optimisation at its core. With the advanced SEO features that work out of the box, your website has a greater chance to appear on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In addition, you can also add advanced SEO features for Magento web developers with skills to customise Magento.

1.7 powerful and robust

Magneto can easily support up to half a million products in its database and can handle more than 10,000 orders every hour. That means that Magento development is the ideal solution for merchants who are starting small but have future plans to grow big. You can run more than one website from the same platform. The only thing that Magento web developers have to worry about (when supporting large number of products and orders) is that hosting should be configured for optimal performance and load speeds. It is important that your hosting is geared for growth and additional resources are available when required.

Companies specialising in Magento hosting offer expandable cloud based solutions that allow resources to be added to your website during peak periods.

1.8 will you like chips with that?

Magento offers out of the box solution to add recommended products and similar products features. Using third party extensions, you can easily up-sell products during various check-out stages. You can add prompts on products and check-out pages. It is estimated that using up-sell and cross-sell features available in Magento, you can add up to 20% more revenue for smart eCommerce merchants.

1.9 accounting integration

Many online merchants rue the time they have to spend on accounting with their e-commerce solution. Their main complaint is the time and effort it requires to enter the orders received on their e-commerce store into their accounting packages. The good news for Magento eCommerce developers is that there are a lot of third party services available that can be integrated with Magento and can import daily sales data into accounting packages like Xero and MYOB Account Live automatically. Just configure this service once, get your Magento Developers to implement their extension and you will have your orders from the Magento eCommerce store flowing into the Accounting package automatically. For a store with 1000 orders every month, that is a saving of 50+ hours every month.

1.10 Email marketing

All major email marketing software have an extension available for Magento. With email marketing tools like Mailchimp, you can even send through your Magento sales to the software. This helps you to track if your email newsletter or marketing efforts have been successful in generating any sales. You can also send your newsletter registrations directly to your marketing software or even group the customer type based on their purchase or customer groups in Magento.

Some of the major email marketing platforms that work well with Magento include Mailchimp, Copernica, Active Campaign and Constant Contact.

If you want to select a platform that will help you grow in the future and will keep you ahead of your competitors, do not look beyond Magento website development. As discussed through this article, Magento offers a lot of versatility, flexibility and adaptability. No matter what your future goals are, Magento has got it all covered.

Eminent brands like Lenovo, Nike, Ford, Nestle and Olympus have chosen Magento as their platform of choice. Be one of them with ultimate Magento solutions.

Do not trail behind your competitors, develop your next website in Magento so that you can exploit the unlimited benefits offered by Magento.

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