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How Does a High-Converting eCommerce Product Page Look Like?

If there’s one ecommerce brand that is winning customers’ hearts like a boss, it has to be Amazon. Or could we call it “The Amazon”.

Okay, this might sound like an overstatement, but we just can’t ignore how easy, convenient, fast and smooth online shopping has become for customers worldwide with the existence of Amazon.

The diverse assortment (you can literally find anything from plant seeds to automotive parts and grocery), smooth checkout, star rating and customer review system; what’ there not to love about Amazon.

Believe it or not, most online merchants would have a twinge of envy for Amazon and how customers across the globe just covet the brand. Of course, eCommerce start-ups, small and struggling merchants would also want to know the deep secrets behind Amazon’s tremendous success and huge fan-base.

While there are a number of things you can optimise on ecommerce website to deliver a shopping experience like Amazon, product pages are what affects the customer’s pivotal decision whether they are going to buy a product from your website or look for it somewhere else.
So, based on our research on Amazon, here are the key elements that together make for an influencing yet converting product page.

  • The Product
  • The Copywriting
  • The Page’s Design



Your product is obviously the main reason why a customer lands on the respective page. So how you present the product to visitors would have the biggest impact on their buying decision.


Rules of thumb:

  • Use only high-quality images that clearly show the fine details of the product and don’t appear blurry when zoomed in.
  •  Include pictures displaying the product in 360 degrees or from different angles.
  •  If the product has different colour options, be sure to provide product images for every colour.
  • Provide demo videos in case of products (technologies) that buyers may be unfamiliar with.


The written information (content) about your product is the second most important thing that will persuade visitors on your product pages to convert into paying customers.

Rules of thumb:

  • Product descriptions should include enough information (specifications and features) to clear the buyer’s doubts and help them make informed decisions.
  • Focus on being helpful with your descriptions rather than selling.
  • Avoid complex vocabulary, cliches and long sentences.


Though the above two factors will certainly affect user experience, specifics pertaining to a page’s design can also have a role to play in the visitor’s purchasing decision.

  • Make sure “add to cart” button and other clickable buttons or icons are clearly visible.
  • Display prices where they are easier to spot like around the “Buy” button.
  • Include customer reviews to help uncertainties and doubts regarding the product.

An effective product page requires a perfect balance of all these factors for visitors to believe that they are at the right place and ready to spend on a given product.

Using a powerful eCommerce platform like Magento can help you address all these factors in your product pages and drive high conversions through them. Be sure to only avail Magento website design services of a certified professional or firm to create an influential Magento website design and product pages.

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