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Why Magento is Still an Undisputed King of Ecommerce Platforms?

Have you ever wondered what Coco-Cola, Ford, Olympus, Nestle, Foxconnect have in common?

Got an answer…!! No? Still struggling?

Well, interestingly over a quarter of all ecommerce stores including afore mentioned web stores in the world are powered by Magento, the ecommerce industry giant. Magento remains the prime consideration for many merchants, store owners, and ecommerce developers. So, Why Magento has been replacing “plug and play” ecommerce platforms (such as Shopify and Volusion) rapidly that have once shown real growth?

What makes Magento so unique and desirable for the ecommerce industry? Let’s unravel all your doubts and find out some facts that will enable you to discover why Magento still holds supremacy among peer ecommerce platforms?

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Magento is custom designed for ecommerce

ecommerce solutions

Major Content Management systems including Drupal, WordPress, offer varied ecommerce capabilities that are designed with ecommerce only approach. Magento powered ecommerce solutions offer unparalleled experience to everyone who come to shop at the storefront. From developers to the store administrators to end users, everyone benefits from this incredibly great open source platform used for building ecommerce websites.

Some of the key e-commerce features of Magento include:

  • User Dashboards
  • Advanced shipping and supplier Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Built in cross sell and up sell capabilities
  • CMS option
  • Single page checkout
  • Newsletter

Open source

Magento started life as a platform intended for e-commerce released under open source license version 3.0. It is built using PHP and other open source tools. Magento has several distinct advantages over its competitors. The platform is highly scalable and adaptable that could be modified endlessly to exactly fit any project requirements. Magneto can be downloaded and installed for free. You can easily tweak the source code as per your requirement to suit the type of website you are developing, also you can install extensions available through the Magento connect marketplace.

 You won’t find any hosting related restrictions

Volusion and Shopify

Unlike Volusion and Shopify, Magento provides you with the choice of selecting hosting solution. This way you can select the best hosting solution provider that fits your requirements and pocket both. Similarly, there is no restrictions on where you could host your store at the time of migration of store.

Easy Third-Party Components integration

With Magento’s extensible API you can connect to any kind of plugin or app of your choice extremely easily. Be it payment gateways, shipping and tracking or web analytics, plug the app of your choice into your Magento site in no time. Whereas with other ecommerce platforms, third party app integration is entirely in the hands of the service provider. You are confined to few apps that they allow you to integrate and there is always a substantial price tag attached to the process.

Magento provides restriction free and limitless integration of all third-party components, thereby reducing the development and deployment timeframes considerably.

Run Multiple websites on the same common backend system

Magento allows you to run multiple websites on one common backend system while almost every other ecommerce platform restricts you to have only one store on one system. With Magento you can setup multiple stores that can be managed through a single admin panel. Unified admin panel allows you to control store’s inventory, customer information, orders, billing etc.

 common backend system

Interestingly, each store can have distinct themes and templates. In addition, you can also assign a subdomain for each store.  Users can also assign a subdomain for individual stores.

Best part is that you get the ease of controlling each store simultaneously through a single unified admin panel with the help of Magento. With this outstanding capability of Magento, you can greatly simplify management and administration of multiple stores. This capability of Magento is undeniably a boon for ecommerce businesses that work in multiple niche categories.

Built for SEO


Magento offers websites a better chance to get traffic from Google, Bing and more. Built with priority for Search Engine Optimisation, Magento has plenty of ways to customise the sites by tools, coding or third-party extensions.

You can improve SEO and conversion optimisation using site’s search bar that Magento offers. This allows store owners to have a look on most popular products on the site’s internal search bar, that is the data for them to optimise traffic in the most popular pages.

Finally, Magento allows users to enable a sitemap that would help the website get indexed faster, and provide better chance that pages could be found easily.

Fast & Scalable

Today’s users expect a website to load in under 2 seconds. The moment sites take any longer than that users simply close the tab and carry on their regular stuff. Magento is a clear winner when it comes to page load speed. With the help of Varnish, you can cache pages easily, retrieve data in milliseconds from gigantic databases, process queries in no time and load pages really fast to please your impatient customers.

Default Responsive Design


With the growing share of mobile devices in global ecommerce transactions, Magento has considered this as a brilliant opportunity and so, came up with HTML5 capabilities. Magento incorporates such capabilities to ensure that your storefront has a responsive design that works flawlessly on mobile devices. In addition, Magento provides extended list of features such as image scaling, Grinding, gesture controls, AV capabilities, drag and drop, etc.

Magento Extensions & Customisation options

Magento Extensions

Being a highly customisable ecommerce platform, Magento gives you full autonomy to develop incredible user experiences by editing templates and layouts or add new styles or colour of your choice. You can also redefine backend refinements to fulfil business requirements by modifying events and grids, and rewriting codes.

Magento users can customise and extend their stores effortlessly by discovering multiple extensions available in the vast marketplace of extensions and modules. This way Magento users can distinguish their web store from competitors by applying different augmentations.

User friendly Configuration

Responsive design of Magento websites makes it easy for users to view products and checkout pages on smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. You will be surprised to know that a Magento platform can handle more than 80,000 orders per hour and process up to 50,000 products on each site that can be easily filtered by each brand.

Upsells and Cross-sells

Another remarkable function of Magento that allows store owners to easily add prompts of related products on product pages. You can also add suggestions to buy more on checkout pages which can further be optimised in just one-page checkout. This feature helps in improving user experience and sales potential to a considerable amount.


Magento commerce

Magento is a feature rich platform wherein new features, bug fixes and designs are updated regularly from both Magento commerce and Magento web community. Nonstop improvements, support and guidelines can never leave this platform out dated. Owing to its consistent innovation and robust features, Magento has always been and will always be a no. 1 choice for online retailers.

Wrapping Up,

Massive functionalities of Magento help developers to create the perfect store for their clients. Magento’s powerful marketing, merchandising and content management tools allow Magento to outperform the competition. However, keep in mind that Magento does require a certain level of development and store optimization expertise from certified Magento developers to develop an effective ecommerce store that promises maximum ROI.

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