Magento Website design

A Comprehensive Approach Towards Hiring a Magento Development Company

Magento has fast become world’s premier eCommerce platform and merchants worldwide are embracing it with open arms. The world’s biggest brands trust Magento for its flexibility, because it gives them the autonomy to customise and extend their platform to create unique, differentiated branded experiences. Magento powered websites are quite more than just shopping cart CMS’s. When developed by a professional , there really is no limit to the extent of personalisation that can be achieved in terms of function, look and feel.

To attract and retain shoppers, the shopping experience needs to deliver personalised customer experience and mirror the old corner store. Magento developers need to wear technical hat to deliver on a long list of client centric requirements. Only Magento can help you adapt and thrive with today’s consumers changing buying patterns. The modern-day developer is expected to possess a T-shaped array of expertise to deliver a fully integrated and bespoke eCommerce solution.

Magento offers leading edge innovation from design, development, configuration,
optimisation and testing to deployment. Knowledge of key disciplines like marketing, brand, design and development, Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation and UX is critical. Magento is a powerful open source content management system far more capable in terms of user capabilities, SEO, modifications, automation of orders and shipments, product types, and the list is simply endless. It is designed to be able to scale with business growth.


Why Magento is the best Ecommerce solution?

  • Best in class Innovation, Magento is the world’s most versatile platform that offers the latest best practice extensions to enhance your store’s features any way you want.
  • It is SEO friendly software that has potential of influencing the ranking on the SERP list.
  • It can easily be integrated with new websites or existing ones.
  • It provides easy to use Magento dashboard for promotional and marketing activities.
  • It has simplified web based administration.
  • Easy to create mobile friendly version.
  • Inventory management is easy.
  • The task of report generation becomes easy.
  • SEO friendly option means increase in the number of visitors and therefore better conversion rates.
  • A large variety of third party extensions are available to extend the functionality of Magento platform.

The advantage of Magento is that it has ability to support an infinite number of products and can be easily integrated with third party systems. This has been the main reason why many merchants are opting to build new websites with Magento or migrate to this platform. They demands a lot of functionality, flexibility, support and efficiency from the Content Management System and this creates a comprehensive list of expectations and integration for the Magento web developer and their team.

Key considerations when hiring Magento Developer

  • Freelancer or a qualified Magento development company

Magento Website design

Irrefutably the best route to go for getting your job done is hiring an expert. However, the question arises should you hire a freelancer or contact a Magento development company? There are a lot of freelancers that possess incredible skill set required for Magento Website design. What is vital is that you must check their portfolio and talk to clients to assess their quality of work. Compared to a company, freelancers can offer more flexible terms of working since they are not bound by standard company policies. On the other hand, Magento development company can offer you a dedicated Magento specialist team to handle your project, if anything goes wrong to your core expert, somebody from the team can take over the charge right away. You also get a dedicated project manager who understands both technology & business and can work with you to deliver a perfect solution for your business.

  • Experience and Projects done

Magento specialist

Remember that experience goes hand in hand with the professional portfolio, make sure you have checked both the parameters before hiring a Magento development company. It is crucial to check the track record and successful projects of your Magento specialist.

  • Pricing


Get aware of the price list of the target Magento development company before engaging them. Assume the flexibility with which the company is going to provide the necessary changes, if required. Discuss the cost for any additional services.

  • Reference check

Reference check

Another important task is to ask for references from the client. You can simply drop an email to the existing clients for references after checking the client list. To help you gain confidence in the vendor for smooth magento implementation, you must check the ranking on freelancer website about the project handled, In case of freelancer.

  • Quality level

Quality level

Check if the development team you wish to hire had appropriate ISO 9001 Or CMMi certifications. These documents are treated as best proof of the Company’s competence. This assures that you will obtain only the top Magento solutions within the shortest time frame. If you hire a Magento development company, you will grow faster than merchants using competitive platforms. Save more, sell more, reduce cost, do it faster. That’s the Magento Advantage.

  • The question of warranty

The question of warranty

Apart from knowing the total cost of the project, it is critical to ensure of its guarantees and customer service. You need to know the money back policy and proposed payment modes. You must ensure that your Magento certified developer offer a 24×7 technical support.

  • SEO approach

SEO approach

Gaining desired visibility, traffic and conversion rates is possible when you have a professional Magento development company by your side. The team of Magento specialists must be able to create an easily recognisable, searched and well established website to raise its online presence. A talented Magento designer can develop a responsive Magento website with outstanding design to get higher rankings even among mobile users. Various SEO techniques should be applied and evaluated for their efficiency.

  • Time


After evaluating the quality and confirming the cost of your project, share the projected time frame with your selected development company and ask it can meet these deadlines. Prompt delivery of your project is another deciding factor. Overall, time and quality depends entirely on the way communication channels are built among the site’s owner and the development team.

Delivering a personalised Magento project needs web developers to be knowledgeable across various disciplines. Extensive range of services available for Magento shopping cart solutions include Magento integration, Magento customisation, Magento migration, Magento Development, Magento SEO, Magento server management, Hosting Magento upgrades, Payment gateway integration, Magento inventory management, Magento data migration services, Magento theme integration, Magento store setup and Magento template design.

As Magento was designed by Marketers and Merchants it is considered as the best positioned platform on the market to manage the needs and expectations of the online shopper. Apart from hiring savvy professional developers you should also consider some partner agencies that implement a proven methodology with strict code conventions and testing.

Time to Seal the Deal on your new Magento site!

After going through the careful evaluation of the company of your choice, you are required to formalise the deal and get the contract signed. Ensure that the major requirements are clearly stipulated in your agreement. It is best to have the contract verified by a legal consultant who has a relevant experience with online agreements.

The primary goal of hiring a Magento specialist is to keep you ahead of the game and your competition while saving money and building an advanced online store. Apart from implementing necessary changes, Magento specialists must take care the site’s further management and quality evaluation. Make sure to find the people who make Magento tick.

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