Level up your e-commerce store: Humanise your brand and the Customer Experience

Over the last few years, there has been a massive change in the e-commerce industry as customers demonstrate a preference toward marketing ads or messages with a personal touch. However, the majority of e-commerce retailers neglect the importance of creating a personalised experience. It’s a proven fact that a message with a bit of personal touch generates more traffic and connect better with the audience than a generic copy. And if a company fails to connect with their audiences then the audiences fail to connect with them too.

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Moreover, humanising a brand in today’s world of cut-throat competition is not an option but a necessity. As whatsoever you do, there is always someone better than you.

That said, it is required to build your brand in such a way that inspires your audiences to engage and connect with you. And to make your brand become more human, there is a need to portray that image which fits with your overall branding scenario.

The following techniques explain how you can add a human touch to your brand and dominate the e-commerce industry.

Connect with customers on Social Media:

Let’s start with the most obvious way to show your human side on social media channels and campaigns, that is is to engage with audiences on different social platforms. Follow these 2 rules to be successful in social media engagement and marketing:

Connect With Social Media

Consistency: If you have a social media page, it is crucial to run it regularly. Social media is the mediator between you and the customer and constantly serving them with fresh creative content is your responsibility. Be it for 5 minutes or 5 hours, dedicate your time to social media each day as it is important to be consistent with your engagement.

Monitor your audience: Find the best time to post to your audiences to generate the highest engagement level. Monitor your post for likes and comments.

 Focus on Building Relationships:

Think about the ways you can build new relationships with you audiences and strengthen existing ones. Send your prospects and customers marketing e-mails not as a brand, but as an individual.  While updating them with regular information and replying to their queries, you will eventually create a bond with them.

However, what helps this bond grow and sustain is your audience’s dedication towards your brand. And audiences are committed to those brands that constantly think about their customers’ needs and wants.

A small gesture of appreciation goes a long way

“Kind word can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.”

                                                                                                                                                -Mother Teresa

As an e-commerce merchant, you should always show your customers some gratitude for their continued loyalty. What can be more appropriate to acknowledge your customers than a thank you note. A well-written thank you note that recognises the customer’s commitment and loyalty toward a brand not only makes them feel grateful to be associated with a responsible and caring brand but also encourages them to stay connected and recommend the brand to others.

Personalise your Advertising efforts:

Almost every e-commerce merchant, well-established or small, have certain promotional offers and deals planned around holidays for their customers. It has become a basic requirement for every business to showcase custom holiday deals on their e-commerce platform to entice customers.

However, some merchants end up presenting their customers with completely bland deals that sound very much robotic just to attract traffic and sales. Such deals lack connections and human value. Brands should always emphasise over attentive details and important information for the people to take a desired action.

You should always take advantage of holiday themes by putting a unique brand spin on them, or something which your competitor has not done before. It is important that your customers can relate to the offered deals and promotions and find them valuable enough to invest.

Practise what you preach:

Sending automated thank you replies to each customer is the bare minimum every merchant is already doing. Put in some extra effort and invest time in building a strong relationship with them through personalised messages. Have a look at their profile, talk to them individually and ask for suggestions. Do what you said you will do.

If your company’s vision is “to give your customer the most seamless shopping experience” then take full responsibility for it. Always practise what you preach.

This is a simple yet easy way to show your human side to your audiences. Not only does running an active informative and educational blog helps boost your rank, but it also helps to keep your audience updated about what’s going on with your brand, latest industry trends and other information they can relate to.

To sum up

Personalised branding has the potential to boost the performance of an e-commerce store in terms of customer acquisition and sales. Here’s a brief overview what you learned in this blog;

  • To humanise your brand with personal messages – understanding and engagement matters.
  • Constant engagement with customers through social media platforms is significant as it helps you to connect and build strong relations with them.
  • In order to maintain a bond, it is essential to be engaged.
  • The small gesture of appreciating regular customers can boost customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Instead of following a bland theme for your deals/ offers, personalise your holiday promotions to make them more relevant and interesting.
  • Instead of sending robotic replies to your customers queries, invest time in knowing their problems.
  • Publish informative and educational blog about your products periodically.

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