If you are a marketer, you understand the importance of brand awareness, not just when you are starting out but also when your business is growing.

Now, take a quick look at three crucial statistics;

  • There are over 25 million brand accounts on Instagram with 80% of users following at least one.
  • People engage with brands on Instagram 10 times more than Facebook, 84 times more than Twitter and 54 times more than Pinterest.

These facts confirm that building a business profile on Instagram is crucial for brand awareness and business online reputation management.


Instagram is second most widely engaged social media platform after Facebook, surpassing Twitter and Snapchat by miles. However, with over 25 million brands present on Insta and over 200 million users visiting at least one brand daily, it isn’t certainly the easiest social media channel for brands to create an unforgettable presence.

That said, many brands make the mistakes that impede their growth on Instagram instead of increasing awareness. We have listed here the most common of those blunders and their fixes.


1. Getting Too Promotional

To create a buzz around your brand on Instagram, you need to be interactive. But too much self-promotion can make your brand look desperate and salesy. You might have many stories about your brand to share with your audience but letting them all out at once isn’t just the right idea.

HOW TO AVOID: Instead of overwhelming your followers with multiple posts at once, find out what type of content appeals to your audience most. Then create an engaging post using a picture that evokes a feeling and a caption than evokes a reaction.

In case, you have a lot to tell your audience, use multiple interactive features like Instagram stories, Ask Me Anything and go live.

2. Not Balancing the Posting Frequency

Finding the right balance between posting too often and inactive presence is where many brands drop the ball. In an attempt to stay on the top of mind of your clients, often some marketers put up too much content back to back, inducing a feeling of spam. Others would just post a similar boring kind of image once daily in the name of activity. A successful Instagram strategy, on the other hand, should focus on balancing frequency without compromising on quality.

HOW TO AVOID: Determine how much time in a day you can dedicate to your Instagram profile and try to develop a consistent schedule for brand posting. Plan what images would be posted every day and ensure content quality while maintaining the frequency.

3. Misusing Hashtags

As much as inevitable hashtags are for marketing a business on Instagram, it is easy for brands to get lured to equip their posts with too many hashtags and end up creating a damaging effect. Using too few or totally irrelevant hashtags are some other ways of killing the chance of your content/brand getting found by your audiences.

HOW TO AVOID: Run a performance check on your hashtags to determine which ones relate more to your audience and generate maximum engagement. Use the analytics to create a hashtag strategy for future posts. Also, create a few brand-specific hashtags that can be used in the long term with the intent to reach new prospects and induce interactions.

4. Buying Followers/Likes

Buying and selling Instagram followers, likes and comments isn’t uncommon for Instagram. Given the platform’s huge user base and competitive marketing landscape, many brands get caught in the temptation of paying bot programs to do the job. While you can easily make your brand look already popular in a matter of hours, this approach will only push you away from valuable leads and engagements.

HOW TO AVOID: The only and the easiest way to grow your brand organically on Instagram, is to create quality content and consistent posting schedule. Also, consider hiring online reputation management services of a professional firm that can help you with a brand building strategy and get the most out of your Instagram presence.

5. Failing to Tap into Your Followers 

Instagram provides brands with countless opportunities for engagement, brand awareness and growth. However, engaged followers today doesn’t guarantee engaged followers tomorrow.

Many brands focus completely on increasing followers while failing to utilise the potential of their existing following. Remember that your audience is a sure-fire medium to create a successful Instagram presence without investing in additional resources.

HOW TO AVOID: You can run a photo contest or a caption contest occasionally to promote user-generated content. Through these contests, give your followers the opportunity to spread the word about your brand, share your content using your hashtags and serve as your brand ambassador.

Wrapping Up,

Over the last few years, Instagram has become more than just another social media network. It has gained immense popularity as a powerful platform for brand building, personal online reputation management, brand awareness, marketing and more.

Make sure to avoid these slipups and you will able to organically build a huge community around your brand on Instagram. Don’t forget to work with a professional to put in place a robust social media brand building strategy.

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