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Fine Look or Seamless Functionality; What Are You Designing Your Websites For?

It won’t be completely wrong to say that most website designers, today, are obsessed with appealing design and interactive visual elements that make a website likable to a great extent.

And why not when the amazing digital technology offers you so much to experiment with and apply to your website.

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However, at the same time this fascination for good looking design raises a concerning question;
Is aesthetic appearance of a website more important than website usability?

While some designers may come up with a yes and different explanations to this question, the fundamental law of web design says NO.

Let’s find out why.

From Function to Design

A considerable amount of web designers and marketers are fascinated with the idea of website appearance rather than website usefulness.

Ideally, beauty should follow function. You must put function first in mind and then design a form that serves that function. Designing around the core functionality of the website would itself bring in the beauty.

More a distraction than an attraction

Aesthetics don’t always attract. A beautiful design which you think of an allurement can actually distract users from the website’s core function.

Many users admitted to have visited visually beautiful websites that totally wowed but had them thinking how to use it at the same time.

So, yes an extremely pleasing design can backfire.

Users prefer speed over flashiness

A website equipped with several attractive visual elements often tend to load slowly. Now, an captivating design isn’t going to help any way if users have to wait more than a few minutes to see it.

Load time of a website is way more important for SEO and conversions than the aesthetic appeal. A competent website designer would know this fact and would be able to pull off the right balance between beauty and speed.

SEO loves functionality too

The combination of an eye-catchy design plus average/poor functionality can wreak havoc on ecommerce marketers.

Think, what would you do if you land a fine looking website and have no idea what to do on it?

Without showing any mercy for the creative design, you would bounce.

Clearly, websites that take design over function, are going to be presented with high bounce rates which means poor SEO.

All these pointers explain your website needs to do much more than just look good. And it all boils down to function and usability.

If you’re a marketer working with a website design agency in sydney, make sure your service provider knows the primacy of function over design.

In case you yourself are a professional designer or web design company, make elegant designs that work rather than sacrificing beauty altogether.

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