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New Year is the Right Time for a New Website – Get One Designed Now!

Every business, whether big or small, has just one New Year’s Resolution – growth; no matter what it takes to grow. How typical. That being said, in this day and age, a business just can’t grow if it has no online presence. See, the prospects are already online and a business that’s not there for them is at loss, simple. Make sure that business is not yours. Go viral, especially now that you have a reason to. Come on, it’s the New Year. Get your site designed, try and make an impression online and who knows, in no time, you may be on the path to growth.

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But, is it as easy as it sounds? It is, more so because web design just got cheaper. Be honest; haven’t you been putting off the design job just because of money (or the lack of it)? Well, you no longer need to.

Web Circle has come up with an affordable package to ensure that getting a website designed isn’t a costly affair anymore, at least not during the festive season. Priced at $1500 (Ex GST), this package includes:

Try and calculate the amount you’d otherwise spend on each of them. Okay, you can do the math later; for now, all you need to know is that you are getting a good deal. The best part is that not only do you get all of the above, but you are also free to choose a template that goes well with the nature of your business and of course, the kind of audience you wish to attract or cater to. Web Circle has a wide selection of professional & modern templates. So, choosing one shouldn’t be a problem.

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Why Now And Not Later?

Why not now? That should be the question. See, if you don’t have a well-designed website, you are already lagging behind. Any further delay would mean more damage. Nobody is going to wait for you. They have options – competitors that have online presence, which you don’t. And as far as the timing is concerned, well, you are getting a good deal, so why not? No matter how well you did this year, you should always aim higher and now that the New Year is almost here, that’s the least you can do, aiming for growth that is.

But Still, Why Now?

Okay here’s the thing: time is money, right? The longer you wait, the more you lose. Yes, you can get your website designed later, but if you get it done now, you save. And as such, this package is for a limited time period. So, you really can’t afford to wait, can you?

What’s In It for You?

You mean apart from everything else that has been already mentioned? Well, for starters, you get the chance to have your site designed by experts. What difference it makes, you may wonder. Just so you know experts are clear on what’s relevant and what’s not. For instance, they know too many ads are not good for your site. Likewise, experts don’t come up with what they call a ‘someone just placed boxes everywhere’ design. You get the drift, right?

What’s The Outcome Like?

When experts are at work, you know there’s something good in it for you, but exactly what? This is what you can expect:

  • A design that makes the visitors feel that they are at the helm of affairs
    • There are no pop-ups
    • Everything they click on doesn’t open in a new window
  • A design that’s par excellence but not complex
    • The visitors need not think
    • They get encouraged to browse and not just leave in a jiffy
  • A design that revolves around user-friendliness
    • Proper H tags are used
    • Pull and block quotes are taken advantage of
    • The visitors are not clueless as to what your site is about
  • A design that’s just right
    • Content placement is taken care of
    • Pagination is avoided for good
    • Suitable (read: not distracting) colours are used

Does this offer affect the quality?

No! You may be looking at one of the X-mas and New Year specials, but it doesn’t mean that the TETO (test early, test often) principle has been shown the door. Quality for one is and will always be the topmost priority. In fact, the design is tested every now and then to ensure that if at all there are some flaws, they can be timely addressed and you, the owner of the site, need not face embarrassment once the site goes live. Guess what others do? Not always, but most of the time, they design in bulk and test every site in the end, when there is little or no room for improvement and the flaws, well, they are left for you to take care of.

Why Web Circle?

One cannot rule out the possibility of others coming up with a similar web design offer. After all, it’s Christmas and yes, New Year isn’t that far either. But, with Web Circle, it’s different. Offer or no offer, you can be sure that the design work is undertaken as per the standards. Meaning, you are unlikely to get penalised in any way, should there be a situation when the design comes under scrutiny. Furthermore, there is no change in the style of functioning, at least not because of some offer, and you can still ask the experts to explain everything to you, minus the unnecessary jargon that others often indulge in.

Why Not Any Other Company?

Sure, go ahead, but do keep in mind that the offer is likely to be extended to web design only. No one’s going to take care of SEO for you. Here, you are getting a combo deal and need not look for another provider, at least not for basic on-page SEO, which is already included in the package.  Not to mention, everything comes for a price. But, with Web Circle, that’s not the case – you don’t settle for less in terms of quality, there is no age-old technology in picture, and you still have a say.

What If You Already Have A Website?

Is the offer not for you then? No, but the good news is that Web Circle’s Xmas & New Year specials include an offer for website re-design as well. This one is for you if your site is, well, how to put it, say, not that great. Just don’t forget to avail it before time runs out.

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