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Proactive Magento Support & Maintenance services for highly consistent site performance

Our Magento website support & Maintenance services offer consistent, reliable and affordable technical solutions that minimise website outages while optimising your website’s security, speed and performance. We can provide you with consistent Magento store support for your any time, any sort of eCommerce store related problems or requirements.

Whether you have recently made a switch to Magento or your project lies behind the schedule, we can ensure flawless navigation and smooth site operation of your Magento store.

At Web Circle, we put the best methodologies towards creating, designing and supporting Magento based ecommerce stores. Our dedicated team of Magento certified developers and Magento specialist can accomplish your Magento site maintenance needs by taking your web store to the next level. Soon you will encounter your sales breed and customers responding with positive feedbacks.

Magento Installation and upgrades

Web Circle provides the best services in server and hosting environments. We extend support with troubleshooting of existing downloads and installations, as well as fresh installations of Magento.

Code Audit

Our Magento certified developers perform comprehensive site audit that includes evaluation of your current code for performance, health and security. You can also expect time to time recommendations from our Magento experts.

Magento configuration

We will provide every functionality you want to get configured for your store: theme adjustment or layout, custom form or additional functionalities, new payment methods or checkout enhancement, integration of a service API, ERP or anything you can think of.

Migration to Magento

We can migrate your online store to Magento from any other eCommerce platform. Our certified developers will efficiently migrate your Magento store to new destination without losing your existing data. If your site is hosted by your existing agency, then we can migrate it onto AWS environment through Magento support services.

Extension Configuration & Customised Magento Extension

Get new extensions and modules configured by our developers and save time. Enhance your store’s appearance, functionalities and functions in line with user’s demands and latest market trends. We will fulfil your requirements in the shortest time.

ECommerce store Management

We will provide you with robust backend control and administrative support. Our Magento certified developers ensure everything from coding to database management is kept up to date.

Magento Performance Optimisation

Our Magento store optimisation service helps in speeding up your Magento store. Optimisation services that we offer include database, caching, web server, CSS and JavaScript, Media content. We ensure higher page loading speed of website and error free functions to improve website’s performance.

Site Hosting services

We offer speedy, effective and safe servers. We ensure high performance of sites with minimum server downtime.

Promo Support

For all those promotional discounts and offers that you have planned, our Magento services make sure the transactions run swiftly for your customers.

Three levels of support services designed exclusively for you…

Level 1 Support Services

It covers your frontend changes and training needs. We will provide top tier support for your Magento ecommerce store whenever you need. Our Level 1 services include:

  • Layout changes
  • Theme styling updates
  • Magento training
  • Magento admin questions
magento support services

Level 2 Support services

If you are looking for creating custom functionality, bug fixes and server support, then this level of service is for you.

Level 2 Support services

If you are looking for creating custom functionality, bug fixes and server support, then this level of service is for you.

  • Frontend and backend Bug fixes
  • Magento extension installation and removal
  • Magento extension customization
  • Complex frontend logic
  • Custom functionality
  • Backend development
  • Security reviews and malware scan
  • Server maintenance and consulting
  • Magento security packages
magento services

Urgent Support

If you are facing urgent site issues that cannot be ignore, then Urgent magento support services are for you. Priority ticketing is provided for critical matters.

Why Choose Us for your store’s Maintenance?

Our Magento Ecommerce Support services are fully equipped with certified Magento developers and specialists to cope with fast moving online world. As your professional Magento support & Maintenance partner, we will guide you on modifications, updates, upgrades and enhancements that your store requires to keep up with latest developments in ecommerce space.

Rest assured to get quick & effective assistance (including emergency support) for all your Magento store related requirements, doesn’t matter if you got your online store developed in-house or somewhere else. Our Magento Support & Magento Maintenance team will take care of security, updates, incorporation of the newest features and extensions and optimisation of the entire existing website.

Our technical support team has kept its lens directed towards providing more flexibility and agility to your ecommerce store. We have the requisite talent, process and guidance that your online store requires to be up and running.

Rather than waiting for the things to get in bad shape, avail our Magento support & maintenance services and take your site’s health in your hands. We cover everything from installation, configuration, custom development, security, site updates, integrations to consulting. Our Magento support & Magento maintenance services will safeguard your ecommerce store from potential risks of site failure.

If you are interested in discussing your project requirements with us, please feel free to contact us and give us opportunity to serve you better.