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Your Customers are Living Mobile – Are You?

The smartphone isn't a novelty any more – it's a necessity. Your customers are on the move, not chained to desks or their couches, and if you want to bring them to your store and your website, you need to be on their phones.

Android, iPhone, Windows Phones – we can design and implement incredibly cool and useful Apps for the mobile market that drive these busy modern people right to your storefront, whether physically or virtually. In fact, our depth of experience and talent for design means the whole process is easy for you.

You tell us your hopes and dreams, we work our magic, and before you know it you have a robust and desirable presence on the mobile market, and your customers are that much closer to you.

These days a lot of people think that designing an effective, good-looking mobile App is easy, because there are a lot of tools out there that supposedly make it easy. A lot of other people have a single App template they use over and over again – they just paste your logo on top and tweak some of the parameters. We don't do that. We like to have an efficient process, yes, that makes our services affordable for our customers. But we approach every mobile App we design and implement as a unique challenge, and we start from the ground up so you know that the Apps we create are using the most current design and customised code.

We also design for all the major platforms.

You can't just be on the iPhone any more – Android is the world's most popular mobile platform.

You can't ignore Windows Phone, either – people have been telling us to forget about Microsoft for decades now and yet they're still here.

Your App has to work seamlessly on every major platform out there if you're going to get real penetration and effectiveness.

Finally and most importantly, your mobile App should be about you, not our aesthetic or what we think is cool.

We design for our customers, not at our customers.

First we want to understand what you need to accomplish with your mobile presence. Then we design something that marries your style and vibe to the nuts and bolts of serving your customers. Then we help you get it out there and onto people's devices, because a mobile App doesn't do you much good if no one is using it.

We have something for the gamers too

Why wouldn’t we? After all, the number of mobile game players is rising by the day. Did you know that there are more than 100 million players in the US alone, leave alone the rest of the world? Well, we know it, and being a leading mobile app development company in Sydney, we must cater to this (growing) segment. And we do, with tools that are just right for mobile game development. We also test every game that we develop, on an emulator, before it is released for your use – being a part of an industry that’s expected to reach $54 billion by 2015, that’s the least we can do.

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