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Bringing Scalability within Your Reach with Node Js Development

At Web Circle, our reasons for embracing node js as a platform may not be any different from others, but the way we undertake node js development does make us stand apart. First of all, we make sure that the apps we develop get to benefit from node’s performance and scalability. Secondly, we leave no stone unturned in taking advantage of the platform’s speed.

Who can benefit?

Nodejs development is for every business out there (well, more or less), but if you are a start-up, there could not be a platform better than this one. That’s because with suitable apps, a node js developer can help you scale quickly, ensuring that you do not have a hard time coping with the influx of users, as you grow.

Why not PHP?

We would have asked our team of nodejs developers to use PHP instead, but only if it was as good as node js. It is not. Unlike node js, it doesn’t even exhibit concurrency and may collapse, if made to handle thousands of connections. Besides, our team’s familiarity with JavaScript came in handy here.

Why Node?

At our end, we use it because it increases the productivity of our developers. Also, it makes code reuse possible. Not many other platforms do that. And as already mentioned, it’s fast; in fact, JavaScript, when clubbed with Google’s V8 engine, performs much faster than PHP.

What’s in it for you?

You can get scalable network applications built. Also, our team of node js developers can help you with RESTful APIs, known for their simple data manipulation. Again, you do not have to wait for long, as the platform lets us speed up the development process.

Why us?

We have successfully used node’s event-driven, non-blocking model to develop world-class applications in no time. We can do it again, and meet your individual needs.

Getting in touch

We are just a phone call away. Dial 1300 760 363. Should you wish to convey a message regarding our services or have some query, you can always fill out the Contact Form online.

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