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PPC Management Services at Web Circle Agency Include:

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a dynamic, aggressive approach to search engine advertising, but most people look at it the wrong way, concentrating on clicks and asking first and foremost what the cost per click (CPC) is. Pay-Per-Click can be an awesome tool for driving business directly to your site, but it has other benefits as well, if you've got the experience and smarts to see it. It's not just about clicks – it's about conversions.

  • PPC Planning and Implementation

    Goal creation, development of effective strategy, account set up and management – We have got everything that will get your ad campaign started the right way absolutely covered.

  • Keyword Analysis

    From extensive research to diligent selection, we make sure to target the most appropriate keywords for your business to reap the most out of our PPC campaigns.

  • Ad Copy Development

    Our veteran copywriters will write your ad camping enticing ad copy with the title and descriptions to induce prospects to click on your ads willingly.

  • PPC Optimisation

    Continuous optimisation of your website and campaigns ensure that your campaigns live up to their potential and deliver the results you wish to see.

  • Tracking and Review

    We track your campaigns on a regular basis and figure out what’s working for your business and what’s not so that we can come up with better and result-oriented ads.

  • Reporting

    All of our efforts, practices and the performance of your campaigns are documented into a detailed report for our clients to easily gauge their PPC campaigns and driven results.

Our Approach to Successful PPC campaign Management

Setting up and launching a PPC campaign can be a breeze but to ensure you get your money’s worth is the most challenging part of integrating PPC into your business. But don’t panic! We have a proven

PPC approach in place to follow for our clients to drive maximum ROI and benefit from our service.

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