Retain Customers & Increase Sales with PunchOut Catalog

A PunchOut Catalog, commonly known as a PunchOut Website, is a method for suppliers to integrate their website with customers to enable online procurement.

A PunchOut Catalog allows buyers to leave their own procurement system (like Ariba, SAP, Oracle iProcurement, sciQuest etc) and go to (PunchOut) the supplier’s e-commerce portal, select the items they want to buy and import the shopping cart into their own procurement solution. The supplier’s website opens within the buyer’s browser. Once the shopping cart is returned to the buyer’s system, they just follow their normal procurement process to create a purchase order and finalise their purchase. The order is not submitted to the supplier unless the purchase order is officially generated, approved and sent to the buyer.

How does a PunchOut Session Works?

In simple terms, a PunchOut process consists of the following 5 steps:

  • The buyer initiates a PunchOut session from within their procurement system
  • The buyer is taken to the vendor’s catalogue
  • The buyer selects the items they wish to purchase and adds them to their shopping cart
  • The buyer “checks out” of the vendor’s catalogue and return the shopping basket to their procurement system
  • The buyer later submits the order for purchase approval and processing

Why Do You Need a PunchOut Catalog?

More and more government departments and corporations now want better control of their purchasing and ease their procurement process. A PunchOut solution allows them to get a better visibility on their expenditure across the organisation, reduce off-contract spend and allows their staff to spend directly with their approved vendors.

Many organisations are now making it mandatory for vendors to provide access to a PunchOut Catalog when awarding new bids and contracts.

As more and more organisations move towards e-procurement, it will become imperative for the vendors to offer Punchout Solutions to win their business.

Benefits of Offering PunchOut Solutions?

A PunchOut Catalog can open a lot of new opportunities to drive new sales and growth for your business. It makes it easier for your customers to transact with you.

Offering a PunchOut Catalog, may have the following benefits to your business:

  • Realise new business & sales opportunities
  • Retain business with your key customers
  • Become preferred vendor with government organisations and medium-to-large corporations
  • Better customer experience with order accuracy
  • Improve customer loyalty by providing locked-in pricing and ease of ordering
  • Improve efficiency with reduced data entry

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