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Creating Quick & Easy-to-Modify Apps with Ruby on Rails

As leading web developers, we, at Web Circle, are always on the lookout for something that can make us more productive. What better than Ruby on Rails – a framework that enables us to speed up the development process. Ruby on Rails web development also increases our efficiency as it allows us to come up with a working prototype, which we can make changes to, later on. Earlier, the only option we had was to create a specification doc. We spent days working on it, slowing down the development process on the whole. Now, it’s all fast – our team of Ruby on Rails developers simply starts with a prototype and adds new features, as and when needed.

Our Team

  • Need not deal with endless configuration files
    • Earlier, this was the only option for specifying things
    • Now they can benefit from Ruby on Rails’ Convention over Configuration principle
  • Can do without repeating themselves
    • Repetitive coding is a thing of the past
  • Get to save time
    • Yes, our team of Ruby on Rails web developers has been in successful in cutting down on the development time

Our Approach

We use Ruby on Rails for e-commerce driven apps and also when social networking plays an important role. The idea is to benefit from the framework’s modularity that allows us to reuse existing components and prevents us from building everything right from the very beginning. Our team of Ruby on Rails web developers has also been involved in developing content-rich apps and sites with the help of this framework.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for a quicker launch of your apps or sites, we highly recommend Ruby on Rails. For a framework that has a leaner code-base, that’s the least we can say.

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