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Custom Application Development for Cost Reduction and Organisation-Wide Efficiency

We, at Web Circle, are proud to have a team of developers that can easily come up with web applications that are just right for you. Our team makes an attempt to know your business, works on a clickable, interactive prototype, takes cross-browser compatibility, accessibility, usability, and other important aspects into consideration, writes the code using the most relevant tools, and ensures that the apps undergo unit, integration and system testing. It’s a 5-fold process, yes, but we make sure that they do it real quick, and a fraction of the cost.

What Web Application Developers Do

Well, they develop apps that are specifically meant for the World Wide Web,said to be web app development They are good at coding, and know HTML, Perl, CSS, PHP and other programming languages inside out. Also, they ensure that the apps, once developed, are fully secure and free from bugs. Their responsibilities also include, but are not limited to:

  • Documentation
  • Test planning
  • Requirements analysis
  • Conducting additional tests such as HTML/CSS validation, if the need be

But of course, their primary responsibility is to design and build apps. So that’s what they do, but only after:

  • Obtaining the necessary information about your target audience
    • This information is needed to find out what may go down well with them
    • It also tells us more about your purpose of getting the apps built in the first place
    • Apps developed using any such information can be easily directed towards brand cultivation, if that is what you are aiming for
  • Considering visual appeal, speed, user experience and other important design principles
    • CSS3 and other modern-day standards are taken advantage of, to create beautiful web applications
    • Advanced caching and syncing techniques are implemented to take care of the speed element
    • Our developers may also exploit Geolocation and other such features to ensure that the end users have a rich and nice experience when they use the apps
  • Making the choice between packaged and hosted web apps

What Does Application Development Involve

It starts with identifying the risks, if any, and looking for ways to mitigate them. Our web application developers then move on to selecting the most suitable technology. And since we have experts for almost every technology in use, we DO NOT settle for the second best. Once the technology is finalised, we choose an agile lifecycle model (or combine two or more of these models, such as extreme programming and timeboxing), depending on your requirements and of course, the time to market. It is now that we focus on creating a high-fidelity design, one that is shown to you to give you a better idea of how the end result may look like.

Also, at this stage, we seek your approval. As soon as we get a nod from you, our developers start doing what they do best, coding that is. Coding sees them establishing both design and usability requirements to ensure that you neither have to wait for a long time, nor need to spend a fortune. However, before the apps are handed over to you, we test them and eliminate all the identifiable problems.

What Makes Us Better

We know our way around different types of applications. For instance, we can help you with e-commerce apps – apps that may be subjected to unusual consumer behaviour and invite heavy traffic – apps that must be up and running, no matter what. Not sure what others make of “software application development”, but for us, e-commerce apps are supposed to create an “always-on” environment that your customers are so looking for. So, that’s what we do – give you solutions that let your customers shop at any time of the day, even when you are closed (read: your business hours are over).

  • What also gives us an edge over the others is that we follow the scaffolding approach – an approach that helps streamline the development process and makes it possible for us to share not only the computer hardware, but the operating systems as well.
    • As a result, we get to cut down on the development costs and guess what, we pass on the benefit to you. Not many other web application developers do that.
    • The fact that we use Ruby on Rails is a proof of how comfortable we are with scaffolding.
  • Also, we leverage the best available application development software that enables our developers to come up with the apps faster and more importantly, with better quality.
    • The software we use provides requirements-to-code traceability and is therefore best suited for custom apps.
  • We are known to use the most suitable tools, whether we need to write the code for ASP.NET, ColdFusion, PHP or Java.
  • We take full advantage of web application frameworks. Unlike others, we are aware of their ability to reduce the overheads involved.
  • We are not rigid and are in fact, in favour of code reuse, if we feel it can help improve the productivity without incurring any additional cost.

What’s In It for You

One of the biggest reasons for you to consider software application development could be to save big on the time your employees may otherwise have to spend while performing repetitive tasks. Our app developers can provide you with tailor-made solutions that are:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Cost-effective

As a matter of fact, we can come up with just about any app that you may need to streamline your business processes. That being said, if you are looking forward to conduct your day-to-day activities using the World Wide Web, it is high time you give some serious thought to web app development. We, being a one-stop destination for this kind of development, can make the transition easy for you. Once the apps are ready, you need not handle the important aspects of your business, including inventory, sales, and back office operations, using the traditional software and/or spreadsheets anymore. You can easily:

Web Application Development

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For apps that can make your business more efficient than ever before. Don’t forget to ask how you can benefit from custom application development without having to arrange for additional staff or space.

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