When a Good Website Design Combines with a High Level of Functionality

We love designing websites, but we also love our customers and we know everyone has their own goals. We work with our clients to tailor our design services not only to their needs and resources – but to their specific vision.

We're flexible.

We can build your website from pre-made themes from professional theme maker Woothemes and concentrate on the performance and stability of your site, giving you a slick, rock-solid website in a very short turn-around – or go all out with a premium website design package that takes advantage of our years of experience building hundreds of professional,successful, and effective websites, taking into account the specific needs of your business and your customers.

Either way, you get all the services you expect and need to run a premier website that converts customers for you, encourages return business, and gets your products or services out there into the biggest global marketplace in existence – the world.

More importantly,

  • you get us
  • our experience,
  • our expertise,
  • our support
  • and our incredible design team.

We're not shy about it:

We are very good at what we do, and we can design a website for your business that is beautiful, effective, robust, and under your full control. If you don't believe us, take a moment and review the samples of our work at the bottom of this page.

Of course, design is crucial, but just as important is the function.

Whatever your needs and concerns be, our designers strive to provide you with a full-fledged and completely functional end product. To make sure what we deliver is the right solution for your business, we provide vital features like:

  • Inclusion of the world's best small business CMS
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Social media integration
  • Basic SEO
  • 3 month bug-fix warranty
  • Entering all of your content and building all of the necessary pages (limited to 20)
  • Google Analytics integration to measure the results

Our work speaks for itself.

When you're ready to truly bring your business up to the level it deserves, we're happy to have a conversation with you about design, function, and every other aspect of your online presence.

Contact us today to get your website up and running quickly and effectively!

Get in touch and call us on 1300 760 363.

Designing to Convert

It's like we read your mind. We know what you want (more importantly, what you don't), what do you think and/or believe and what's your idea of a good design. For our designers, it's all about bringing your idea(s) to life.

Customers are attracted to visuals more than anything, by nature. So the idea of a good website design completely makes sense.

While it’s quite apparent that a website with an appealing design is a source of high ROI, here we have some proven benefits that elucidate the significance of an appealing yet functional website design.

  • Solid Recognition

    a visually strong design creates a more memorable impression and hence consistent brand identity.

  • Uniqueness

    When your website has a distinguishable design, you don’t need to worry about standing out amidst the crowd of competitors.

  • Better Conversions

    A captivating design has a great potential to not only attract users but retain them and encourage to convert.

  • Brand Awareness

    The more people like your website, the more they’re likely to share with other people and recommend to visit.

  • For Them
    • Website design = something that has never been used before
  • For Us
    • Design = something, new or old, that the users are comfortable with

You don't want to drive away the visitors

Even we want to keep them glued to your site. For this, we keep the noise to a minimum.

These are all distractions and take up a lot of time, clearing flouting the 10-second rule and making the visitors think if they should stay on your site any longer. And when they think, they often leave. That's how it works.

You want the visitors to spend some time

Making them stay is one thing; getting them to look around is another. They need a reason; with an effective design, we give them one (or more!). For starters, we use visible cues, yes the ones that can draw their attention. Next, we ensure that all the pages of your site are broken into clearly defined areas. Why, you may ask. Well, that leads to quick navigational decisions and gives your site an edge – your visitors look around, even though it may be for a short while.

You think first impression is the last impression

It indeed is; we agree. That being said, the first thing the visitors (are likely to) check out is your home page – that's where the focus should be, not that all other pages are not equally important, they are, but then it's the first page that tells your visitors who you are, what kind of a site you have and what lies ahead (site hierarchy). This is how a typical home page should look like:

Deals, if any, must be shown on the home page.
Both your tagline and welcome blurb form an integral part of the home page.
The visitors must be told in the beginning that they need to register.

Of course, it's just a prototype; the idea here is to get the big picture across. To create a lasting impression and make the visitors believe that they should spend some time on your site, you must tell them upfront what your site is about. That's where design comes into the picture and an effective one does some real good.

You want the visitors to look beyond the home page

We work hard on the entire site. So if your visitors leave the site moments after they are done checking the home page, we feel our hard work didn't exactly pay off. Meaning, just like you, we want them to browse. We give them a reason to. For this, we:

  • Take advantage of the home page
    • By strategically placing navigational tools all over this page
      • These tools take the visitors to the rest of the site
      • They are not left on their own
  • Show them what might catch their fancy
    • To generate interest and make them inquisitive
    • To establish credibility so that they don’t think twice

Hint: If the home page doesn't speak out loud that you are trying to sell something, the visitors are likely to take note of other pages as well.

You want quality to be at the forefront

We live for it, period. Quality for us is a must and are so are the standards, which we (or the industry) confirm to. By focusing on these standards, we ensure that the design doesn't turn out to be an error-prone one:

Some of the additional measures we take include:

  • Ensuring that the coded elements are properly closed
  • Using the correct page layout
  • Not showing any leniency during the identification of IDs and classes

Not that we are bragging, but these measures make us better than others and that's because we:

  • Avoid poorly-coded pages
    • and of course the after-effects
    • Ensure that the site doesn’t become unusable

Want to know what's our take on quality? Call us on 1300 760 363 to find out.

You want everyone to visit your site

What a coincidence; that's exactly what we want. So, what do we do about it? To begin with, we work towards cross-browser compatibility right from the very beginning. Do others do anything different, you may wonder. They do; they try to confuse you with stats.

Example: X% of your visitors make use of Google Chrome, while only y% use Firefox and if you talk of Internet Explorer, well, it's a only a small chunk, say z%.

We save your time and ours and design the site in such a way that virtually everyone has that optimal viewing experience that you so wish them to have, no matter what browser they use.

You want to benefit from the social media boom

And we leave no stone unturned to help you make the most of it. Like, when we design your site, we keep social media integration as one of our priorities. What does that give you? It goes without saying that you get a platform or two to reach out to a larger audience (we believe you already know social media has its share of benefits). Also, you get a design in sync with the times.

You want your design to be ready ASAP

High-five! We are not of the opinion that if we take months to complete a design, we may do any better than what we can in a couple of weeks. We deliver the site within 3 weeks for that matter. Just so you know our competitors don't even come close. See, it's simple – we have experienced web designers, who know their job well and start working on the project as soon as you sign up for our services. We just can't keep lingering on – that's not our thing.

You want someone you can trust

Who better than us? We have a remarkable portfolio. If so many clients have invested their trust in us, we must have done something right. Our work speaks for itself, so we'd rather let it do all the talking.

You want to have a word with us

We too, are eager to discuss your requirements with you. Let's talk. Give us a call on 1300 760 363 and we'd be more than happy to take you through the process – the process of creating a design that's effective, is delivered well in time, and doesn't cost you a fortune.