A Layman’s Guide to Understanding the Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Fundamentals Let’s start with a “before and after” example. Search for the phrase “attractions in Sydney”. Don’t just read; actually do it. Did you notice a bar that read “Sydney points of interest”? Did you also see that the same bar had 10 different images to help you know more about the attractions? Go back […]


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What May Prevent You from Taking Advantage of Google Places

A Google Places listing can take your business places. Pun intended. Having said that, the listing may not always work for you and if this happens, chances are that it’s one of your mistakes that have cost you dearly. For instance, while creating the listing, if you let important details fall through the cracks, you […]


Penguin 2.1 – Aftermath, Recovery and More!

Penguin 2.1, which was released by Google on the 4th of this month, has impacted around 1% of the queries. It’s worth mentioning that the extent of impact in this case has been a bit less than some of the previous updates. If you look at disruptions caused by Penguin 1.0 and 2.0, apparently, they […]